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IPTV fix for Enigma 2 devices

UPDATE 21.09.2019:

IPTV runs again on Enigma 2 devices, without need of script below. If in any case, not run for you, then run change script.

Hello, due to recent problems from 18.09.2019, current IPTV scripts do not work on some Enigma 2 models

In order to fix that issue and make IPTV work on your Enigma 2 box, please run script below through putty

After restart which will be done by script itselt, locate your userbouqet and run your IPTV list again

This is script that needs to be run over Putty:

Option 1:

wget -O && chmod 777 && ./

Option  2:

cd /etc/enigma2 && find userbouquet* -type f -exec sed -i 's/1:0:1:0/4097:0:1:0/' {} \; && rm -r && killall -9 enigma2

*Please kindly note, auto update will be disabled with this option, after IPTV panel is restored you should run again your main IPTV script

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